Monday, March 21, 2011

Be careful with my child!

I have quite a problem. Some people might  think I'm crazy, I know my family does.

Every time I lend out one of my kids books, a little bit of my dies inside. I'm completely terrified that they will be returned to me in less then the perfect condition, I lent them out in.

I don't know if its just me but if I get back a book with a torn/folded/wrinkled cover I go absolutely ballistic. And I will definitely not be trusting that person with my babies again.

It all started in middle school when I began to buy/read books more often. I become attached to them in some way. Especially the books I really enjoyed.

When I lent someone a book, it would be along with a list of precautions/ rules they had to go by. It went as follows:
  • The book must be given back to me in the same condition as when I lent it.
  • Handle the book as if it were a child in your hands
  • If the book was brand spanking new, Do. Not. Open the book more than a half inch (or at least until your able to read whats on that page
If any of the things said above were not done, my eye would twitch a little bit and their name would be added to my mental list of people who should die. If only for a little while.
Yeah, now that I've told you this, I bet you many of you agree with my family.

But who knows maybe there's someone out there somewhere that has this in common with. If you're out there, you are not alone.

Leave me a comment telling me how crazy you think I am. But if by some off chance you don't, what kind of precautions do you take when lending out your books.

Now remember Be Careful with my Child! and


Julie @ Knitting and Sundries said...

Actually, I'm really pi__sy about lending my books out, too. There are certain people who will NEVER be able to borrow another book from me, unless it's a book I didn't want to keep anyway. Worse is when I don't even get them back at all (which has happened .. my entire hardcover Watchtower [Stephen King] series, and my entire hardcover Outlander [Diane Gabaldon] series, just for two instances). Think .. hardcover ... at about $30 a pop; not only do I not have my books, but I'm out a pretty penny as well. Needless to say, THOSE people aren't getting another book at all from me! :) ... and it's really funny (not ha-ha funny, either), when they say something like, "Well, you already have so many books, why are you trippin'?" .. ummm .... hello? really?!? Did YOU spend YOUR hard-earned bucks? Really?!? URGHHHH!!

OK ... off my rant!

Lisbeth said...

Ha! I totally agree with everything you said. Sorry about your books, I'd be really pissed off about that too. >__<

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